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Аuthor(s) Article title Page
Kochegura А.V.
Tkachyova А.А.
Мethodological aspects of analysis of new background traits in soybean 3-8
Trunova M.V.
Kochegura А.V.
Possibilities to increase accuracy of soybean breeding seeds yield estimations in early nurseries 9-15
Yusova О.А.
Asanov А.М.
Omelyanyuk L.V.
Сomparative characteristics of seed quality of soybean cultivars from VIR’s collection in the conditions of the southern forest-steppe of the Western Siberia 16-21
Katyuk А.I.
Zuev Е.V.
Anisimkina N.V.
Sources of economically valuable traits for soybean breeding in conditions of the forest-steppe of the Middle Volga region 22-26
Yusova О.А.
Asanov А.М.
Omel’yanyuk L.V.
The characteristics of yield and seed quality of a new promising soybean cultivar Sibiryachka in conditions of the southern forest-steppe of the Western Siberia 27-32
Efimenko S.G.
Kucherenko L.А.
Efimenko S.K.
Nagalevskaya Ya.А.
Estimation of the general qualitative traits of soybean seeds using IR-spectrometry 33-38
Bushnev А.S. Influence of soil treatment on its agricultural and physical qualities, sowings infestation and soybean yield on leached chernozem of the Western Ciscaucasia 39-47
Khramoy V.K.
Sikharulidze Т.D.
Gureeva Е.V.
Influence of mineral fertilizers on the formation of symbiotic apparatus and air nitrogen consumption by soybean under conditions of a central zone of the Non-chernozem region of the Russian Federation 48-52
Timokhin А.Yu.
Omel’yanyuk L.V.
Boiko V.S.
Influence of rhizotorfin on development of soybean cultivars released by the Sibearian Research Institute of Agriculture at the arrigation in the southern forrest-steppe of the Western Siberia 53-58
Peshkova V.О.
Shadskih V.А.
Kizhaeva V.Е.
Timofeeva N.А.
Lapshova А.G.

Yield of soybean cultivars at irrigation in the dry steppe zone of the Volga region


Poschina Е.Yu.
Kozlova S.А.

Аnalysis of state and development of soybean production in the world and Russia 64-69
Kurilova D.А.
Maslienko L.V.
A perspective strian 14-З Pseudomonas chlororaphis for microbiological protection of soybean against Fusarium 70-77
Til’ba V.А.
Tishkov N.М.
Biology of soybean: possibilities to optimize the separate production processes 78-87
Ashiev A.R.
Cherezov R.N.
Preliminary estimation of freeze-resistance of soybean cultivars developed in Armavir experimental station of VNIIMK 88-91
Nekrasov А.Yu. Soybean cultivars recommended for breeding within the import substitution program 92-96

Zelenskaya Т.I.

N.S. Shevchenko

Achievements and trends of soybean breeding and seed growing in the Belgorod State Agricultural University named after Gorin V.Ya. 97-100
Seferova I.V. Soybean in the north-west of the Russian Federation 101-105