Federal state budgetary scientific institution «Federal scientific center «V. S. Pustovoit All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Crops»

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The leading research institution of the Russian Federation in the field of breeding and seed production of oil and essential-oil crops with more than a century-old history. Today, VNIIMK is a strategic center of domestic breeding, production of seeds of higher reproductions for annual variety renewal and variety change of varieties and hybrids of sunflower, soybean, oil flax, rapeseed, turnip rape, mustard, false flax, and coriander.

Varieties and hybrids of oil crops developed by VNIIMK scientists are included in the State Register of selection achievements. They are certified and approved for use in production. Varieties and hybrids of VNIIMK breeding ensure a high yield. All seeds comply with the requirements of State Standard for varietal and sowing qualities.

The doors of VNIIMK are always open for those who wish to use seeds of domestic varieties and hybrids to receive high yields, while the institute’s experts are ready to provide comprehensive advice on cultivation technologies of oil crops and means of mechanization. This will allow you to unlock the potential of our varieties and hybrids to the full extent.

On our official website, you will always find the latest information about seeds available for sale, news about VNIIMK activities, as well as photos and videos about the rules of seed selection, cultivation technologies, and methods of pest control. Following the recommendations of our scientists, you will not only choose the right varieties and hybrids of plants but also get a guaranteed high yield!

Vasily Stepanovich Pustovoit was the founder of our institute, a world-famous breeder, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, winner of the Lenin and State Prizes, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR, Doctor of Agriculture, member of the USSR Academy of Sciences and the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences. V. S. Pustovoit is the founder of scientific agriculture in Kuban. He began the breeding of winter and spring wheat, castor bean, and he developed and introduced the first winter varieties of these crops. Moreover, Vasily Stepanovich Pustovoit is the author of varieties of winter rye and millet. The scientist is world-famous for his work on sunflower breeding aimed at increasing the oil content of seeds. He was the first in the world to develop a sunflower variety with an increased oil content of seeds, Kruglik A-41, — up to 36%. By developing this variety, he disproved the opinion of some scientists of the time, who believed that the oil content of seeds of 30-33% is a physiological barrier for sunflower seeds, which is impossible to overcome.