Vasily Stepanovich

Federal state budgetary scientific institution "Federal scientific center "V.S. Pustovoit All-Russian Research Institute of Oil crops"

The leading research institution of the Russian Federation in the field of breeding and seed production of oil and essential-oil crops with more than a century-old history.

Adaptation to climate

"New cultivars have appeared, breeding makes progress, especially after additional demand has occured as part of the development of animal breeding.
Last year, together with our Irkutsk colleagues, we developed a cultivar, which grows successfully even if there is permafrost at a depth of 2 meters and below top soil. Nevertheless, in the conditions of the center of the Irkutsk region in taiga, temperatures and precipitation are enough to get a profitable harvest. We named this cultivar Barguzin and last year submitted it for testing."

The research activity of the institute is part of specialized publications all over the world

Varieties and hybrids of oil crops developed by VNIIMK scientists are included in the State Register of selection achievements. They are certified and approved for use in production. Varieties and hybrids of VNIIMK breeding ensure a high yield. All seeds comply with the requirements of GOST (All-Union State Standard) for varietal and sowing qualities.

The doors of VNIIMK are always open for those who wish to use seeds of domestic varieties and hybrids to receive high yields, while the institute’s experts are ready to provide comprehensive advice on cultivation technologies of oil crops and means of mechanization. This will allow you to unlock the potential of our varieties and hybrids to the full extent.

On our official website you will always find the latest information, news about VNIIMK’s activity, photos and videos. All this will help you to choose what you need!