• p. 148. Search, mobilization and preservation of genetic resources of cultivated plants and their wild relatives to study, preserve and use the biodiversity of cultivated plants forms

  • p. 150. Fundamental principles of managing the breeding process of development new genotypes of plants with high agronomic characters of productivity, resistance to bio- and abiostressors

  • p. 151. Theory and principles of development and formation of cultivation technologies of economically important crops in order to develop highly productive agrophytocenosis and agroecosystems

  • p. 153. Molecular biological and nanotechnological basics for the development of biological and chemical plant protection products of the new generation in order to use them efficiently and safely in integrated plant protection systems

  • p. 139. The modern economic theory and principles of development of the country’s agroindustrial complex in the context of globalization and integration processes in the world economy


  • 1. Search for molecular markers of economic characters of oil crops and the improvement of methods of their use in breeding.

  • 2. Development of methods for the mass production of dihaploids for the breeding of lines of sunflower and rapeseed to develop interline hybrids, for receiving linear varieties of soybean, mustard, and oil flax.

  • 3. Development of donors of new agronomic characters involving interspecific hybridization, biotechnology methods.

  • 4. The study of the racial composition of the main oil crops pathogens and the development of efficient methods for the evaluation and selection of resistant genotypes.

  • 5. The study of fatty-acid composition of oil, other traits of seeds to develop hybrids and varieties of oil and essential-oil crops with new traits of seeds and oil for various branches of industrial usage.

  • 6. The study and development of methods of improving the efficiency of selection of oil crops plants basing on their high productivity in agrocenoses.

  • 7. The study of biological characteristics of oil crops in order to expand the area of their cultivation, the use of growing technology.

  • 8. The study of CMS types of sunflower, rapeseed to increase the efficiency of development of highly-productive interline hybrids and ensuring highly profitable seed production with obtaining genetically pure seeds that meet the high requirements of All-Union State Standard (GOST) for sowing qualities.

  • 9. The study of the production process of oil crops in order to realize the biological potential of genotypes productivity in the main production zones of the Russian Federation.

  • 10. Research, screening, breeding improvement, studying the mechanisms of action of promising antagonist strains, developing a collection of non-pathogenic strains for agricultural usage. To carry out identification and molecular labeling of collection strains.

  • 11. Development of polyfunctional microbiological preparations on the basis of living culture of antagonist microbes and metabolites, as well as the development of technologies for their production, storage and use for the protection of plants and soil from harmful organisms.

  • 12. Development of the biological basis for the breeding of oil and essential-oil crops, including research in the field of genetics, physiology, biochemistry, immunology, botany and agroecology.

  • 13. Development of new breeding methods and the development on their basis of highly productive, competitive hybrids and varieties of oil and essential-oil crops, resistant to the main pathogens and abiotic stressors, adapted to various soil and climatic zones of the Russian Federation and meeting the requirements of production.

  • 14. Development of high-precision, environmentally acceptable, cost-effective, resource-saving technologies of primary and industrial seed production, technologies of commodity production of oil and essential-oil crops for various soil and climatic zones of the Russian Federation.

  • 15. Development of cost-effective biological and chemical means of protection of agricultural plants from pests, diseases during the period of growth of plants and protection of seeds during storage.

  • 16. Development and introduction of mechanization means for cultivation, harvesting, post-harvest treatment of seeds of oil and essential-oil crops.

  • 17. Scientific support of agricultural production and oil and fat industry with modern methods and means of monitoring indicators of the quality of seeds and products of their processing, means of their methodical, software and metrological support.