Babloev Konstantin Georgievich Babloev Konstantin Georgievich Deputy director for development and relations with branches, PhD in agriculture, the honored worker of agriculture of Kuban
tel. (861) 275-46-00
Lukomets Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Lukomets Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Director of V.S. Pustovoit All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Crops, academician of RAS, Doctor of agriculture, Professor, the honored worker of agriculture of Kuban, the honored worker of agricultural production of the Republic of Adygea
tel: (861) 255-59-33
fax: 254-27-80
Trunova Marina Valerievna Trunova Marina Valerievna Deputy director for science, PhD in biology
tel. (861) 274-64-34
Domakhin Vadim Stanislavovich Domakhin Vadim Stanislavovich Deputy director for production and seed growing, PhD in agriculture
tel. (861) 275-72-55
Peretyagin Evgeny Alexeyevich Peretyagin Evgeny Alexeyevich Deputy director for administration, PhD in technology
tel. (861) 275-78-95