The laboratory of immunity and molecular labeling

Antonova Tatiana Sergeevna

Antonova Tatiana Sergeevna

Head of the laboratory
of immunity and molecular labeling
Doctor of biology

Tel.: (861) 275-86-53
Fax: (861) 254-27-80
E-mail: antonо

The laboratory was established in 1998 and deals with the following issues:

evaluation of the parent material (developed in the laboratory of hybrid sunflower breeding) for resistance to diseases caused by the most dangerous pathogens, such as: broomrape, downy mildew, phomopsis, fusarium, and others;

improving the methods of evaluation of sunflower plants for resistance to diseases;

evaluation of the genetic purity of seed lots for the laboratory of the breeders and foundation seed growing of hybrid sunflower (by methods of isoenzyme analysis and PCR-analysis of DNA);

development of genetic passports of new lines and hybrids of sunflower based on PCR-analysis of DNA;

phytopathological expert evaluation of seed infection;

identification and monitoring of new races of broomrape, parasitizing on sunflower in the regions of South Russia;

identification and monitoring of races of downy mildew in the Krasnodar region.

In addition, on the basis of using the PCR technologies, the laboratory conducts research on genotyping biotypes of sunflower pathogens - broomrape and downy mildew - in order to identify the markers for race differentiating.

The laboratory performs the following work:

determination of the level of hybridity for seed lots of two-line hybrids;

evaluation of the genetic purity of inbred sunflower lines by the method of analysis of isoenzyme spectra;

genetic identification of simple hybrids and parent lines of sunflower by methods of analysis of isoenzyme spectra and spectra of amplified DNA.