The laboratory of soybean breeding and seed growing

ZELENTSOV Sergey Viktorovich

Head of the department of soybean

Doctor of agriculture

Tel.: (861) 275-78-45

Fax: (861) 254-27-80


The breeding of soybean in VNIIMK is being carried out since 1957, at first by the group of soybean breeding, and then, since 1972, by the newly created laboratory of soybean breeding and seed growing. Up to 1987 the laboratory was headed by the outstanding breeder, doctor of agricultureу, professor Yu. P. Myakushko, in 1987-2015 the laboratory was headed by A.V. Kochegura, doctor of agriculture and professor. Currently, S.V. Zelentsov, doctor of agriculture, is the head of the laboratory. 14 specialists are working in the laboratory; among them are doctor of agriculture, 3 PhD in biology and PhD in agriculture.

The laboratory's scope of activity includes the research of the theoretical and methodical plan for increasing the soybean breeding efficiency, as well as the practical work on breeding of new competitive soybean varieties.

For the period of the laboratory existence, its employees developed 40 soybean varieties of their own breeding that were included in the State Register, and 5 soybean varieties developed in collaboration with other scientific institutions of very early, early, middle-early and mid ripening groups. Among them are cold-resistant and photoneutral varieties suitable for sowing in the south of Russia in very early calendar periods (end of March – beginning of April); specialized varieties for growing in a mixture with corn for green fodder and silage; high-protein varieties; food varieties.

At present, the main goal of soybean breeding is the development of highly productive varieties, cultivated for seed production. The main objective in the process of development of such varieties is the plants selection for the complex of traits, which provide the adaptability to the conditions of insufficient moistening, ensuring the formation of high and annually stable yields and cost-effective cultivation of crop. Related objective of breeding is the optimization of varieties for adaptability to production and for resistance to diseases.

Currently, the soybean varieties of VNIIMK breeding are cultivated on large areas in the Southern, North Caucasus and Central Chernozem federal districts of the Russian Federation. In the Krasnodar region, the share of institute's varieties is at least half of all the acreage for this crop. All varieties, depending on the ripeness group, are characterized by the high yield potential (from 3.5 to 5.5 t/ha), resistance to diseases, good adaptability for cultivation and harvesting, and their growth season provides the successful use of soybean as a preceding crop of winter cereal crops in the conditions of the North Caucasus.

In addition to breeding, the laboratory also carries out the breeders and foundation seed growing of the developed varieties of soybean in amounts necessary for the conduction of variety changing and renovation.