The laboratory of seed growing

KHATNYANSKY Vladimir Ivanovich

Production and seed growing director
Head of the department of seed growing
PhD in agriculture
The honored agronomist of the Russian Federation

Tel.: (861) 275-72-55
Fax: (861) 259-15-14

One of the main tasks of the laboratory is to ensure the production of high-quality seeds of hybrids and varieties of oil crops of VNIIMK breeding in the amounts necessary for the variety changing and renewal.

The laboratory performs the following work:

- development and improvement of the main methods of oil crops cultivation technologies in seed-growing fields;

- management of the seed growing system in VNIIMK;

- fast reproduction and introduction into production of new varieties and hybrids of oil crops;

- well-timed conduction of a variety changing and renewal;

- development of emergency and reserve seed funds;

- licensing of breeding and seed growing work at VNIIMK;

- coordination of seed growing policy at VNIIMK;

- carrying out a field approval of original, elite and reproduction seeds going for sale;

- arranging and carrying out variety-sowing survey of oil and grain crops.