The laboratory of seed studies

KHATIT Aslan Baterbievich

Head of the laboratory of seed studies

PhD in agriculture

Tel.: (861) 275-72-55

Fax: (861) 259-15-14


The laboratory of seed studies was established in 1960 and now it is a part of the department of seed growing. The head of the laboratory is A.B. Khatit, PhD in agriculture. The laboratory studies the influence of the dates and methods of sowing and harvesting, the use of desiccation, the degree and nature of seed injury, the conditions of their storage on the sowing qualities of seeds of sunflower hybrids and varieties. The preliminary evaluation of sowing qualities (germinating energy, germination, thousand-seed weight) of all cultivated oil seeds is conducted. The laboratory's employees carry out the constant monitoring of the seeds quality in the process of their postharvest processing and storage.