The laboratory of genetics

Demurin Yakov Nikolaevich

Demurin Yakov Nikolaevich

Head of the laboratory of genetics
Doctor of biology, professor

Tel.: (861) 274-55-94

Fax: (861) 254-27-80

E-mail: yakdemurin@yandex.ru9 

The laboratory of genetics was established in VNIIMK in 1984 to study the system of heredity and variability of valuable breeding traits of sunflower with the ultimate goal of studying the specific genetics of this crop.

The sequence of work at present is to development and study the trait collection first, then to conduct a hybridological analysis with a subsequent transition to the genetic collection and, finally, further use of the obtained lines (donors, analogues) in practical breeding and primary seed growing of hybrid sunflower.

In 2013, the genetic collection of sunflower consisted of about 350 samples, differing in a number of biochemical, physiological and morphological characteristics of plants. The main areas of work are related to the study of the following characteristics: the composition of fatty acids and tocopherols in seeds, which determine oxidative stability of oil; resistance to imidazolinone and sulphonylurea herbicides for providing hybrids of the corresponding Clearfield and Express production systems; signs of plant habit, including genotypes with erechtoid leaves for thick planting; and decorative morphotypes.