Diseases, pests and weed control of rapeseed crops


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The authors:

V.M. Lukomets, academician of RAS, doctor of agricultural sciences

V.T. Piven, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, the honoured scientist of the Russian Federation

N.M. Tishkov, doctor of agricultural sciences

N.I. Bochkaryov, doctor of agricultural sciences, the honoured scientist of the Russian Federation

O.A. Serdyuk, candidate of agricultural sciences 

S.A. Semerenko, candidate of agricultural sciences

Chief scientific editor N.I. Bochkaryov

Diseases, pests and weeds control of rapeseed crops

The book describes the most widespread fungal diseases, pests, and weeds, their harmfulness, external symptoms, symptoms expression, monitoring, terms and methods of recording based on the results of long-term researches of All-Russia Research Institute of Oil Crops.
Varieties, their placement in a crop rotation, soil tillage, dates of sowing, seeding rates, system of weed, pest and disease control of plants are described. 

The cost efficiency of introduction of resource-saving technologies in rapeseed production is shown.

The book is meant for phytopathologists, entomologists, specialists in plant protection, agronomists, postgraduates and students of biological and agronomical faculties.

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All-Russia Research Institute of Oil Crops
Russian Academy of Sciences, 2012