Soybean in fodder production, 2010


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Institution  All-Russia Research Institute of Oil Crops (VNIIMK)

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of Animal Breeding (SKNIIZH)
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The authors: 


Valentin Fyodorovich Baranov, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor
Alexander Vasilievich Kochegura, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor


Sergey Ivanovich Kononenko, doctor of agricultural sciences
Alexander Nikolaevich Riger, candidate of agricultural sciences


Tristan Rafaelievich Toloraya, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor
Anatoly Evgenievich Chikov, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor

Soybean in fodder production
(Under the editorship of V.M. Lukomets, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of agricultural sciences, VNIIMK; Leonid Grigorievich  Gorkovenko, doctor of agricultural sciences, SKNIIZH).

The book was reviewed by the methodic commissions of the scientific councils of VNIIMK (record № 3, dated 01.02.10) and SKNIIZH (record № 2, dated 25.01.10), and approved for publication.

The book comprehensively covered the issues of production of soybean, concentrated, rich and rough fodder made of soybean, their preparation to feeding and use in feeding regimes of cattle, pigs, sheep, birds, fish. The particular role of the joint cultivation of corn and soybean for green fodder and silage for balancing rich fodder by the valid protein, as well as of soy milk as a replacement of whole milk for milk feeding of calves and piglets is shown. The high efficiency of use of soybean protein-rich additives in animals feeding is emphasized.

The book is meant for the managers of agricultural enterprises, the chief agronomists and stock-breeders interested in enhancing the efficiency of animal breeding, as well as for researchers of this crop.