The outpost of oil industry of Russia


The book The outpost of oil industry of Russia: the chronicle to the 100th anniversary of All-Russia Research Institute of Oil Crops by V.S. Pustovoit (1912-2012) was published.

Download the book (*.pdf) 8,67 Мб

The book describes the century-long way of foundation, formation and development of All-Russia Research Institute of Oil Crops named after Vasily Stepanovich Pustovoit for the non-specialist reader. There are represented all milestones and events that have occurred for the 100-year period of existence of this scientific institution, which won international acclaim due to unique achievements in oil crops breeding. The book gives details not only about the main achievements of Institute in all directions of oil crops researches, but also reveals the biographical information of scientific employees. The book is meant for the readers who are interested in the destiny of VNIIMK and oil industry of the country.

Also, on occasion of the 100th anniversary of VNIIMK was published the book "The main results of research work on oil crops (to the 100th anniversary of VNIIMK)".

Download the book (*.pdf) Scientific achievements of VNIIMK during 100 years (4,65Mb)