Sunflower diseases, 2011


The authors:

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Lukomets, doctor of agricultural sciences, academician of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Vasily Timofeevich Piven, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, the honoured scientist of the Russian Federation.

Nikolay Mikhailovich Tishkov, doctor of agricultural sciences.

Sunflower diseases (Under the editorship of V.M. Lukomets, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of agricultural sciences, VNIIMK)

The book describes the most common fungal, bacterial, viral and nonparasitic diseases of sunflower, their prevalence, harmfulness, symptoms expression, pathogen biology, diseases monitoring, dates and methods of recording and factors limiting them. The book is meant for phytopathologists, plant protection specialists, agronomists, postgraduate students and students of biological and agronomic faculties.

Contains 25 tables and 101 pictures. 2011, 210 pages.

Table of Contents Page
Introduction 5
Fungal diseases of sunflower 7
Downy mildew 10
White rot 33
Grey rot 54
Verticillium wilt 68
Phoma blight 72
Dry rot of heads 78
Rust 84
Brown leaf blight (Septoria blight) 88
Alternaria 91
Charcoal rot 97
Phomopsis blight 102
Other fungal diseases 123
White rust 124
Powdery mildew 126
Ascochyta leaf blight (black leaf blight) 128
Cercospora blight 128
Brown leaf blight 129
Wilting of sprouts and young plants 130
Bacterial wilt 132
Bacterial rot 134
Other bacterial diseases 136
Viral diseases 138
Orobanche 141
Diseases of seeds 146
Symptoms of deficiency and excess of nutrition elements
of sunflower plants

Measures for sunflower diseases control 161
Monitoring of sunflower diseases 167
Dates and methods of diseases recording 170
Bibliography 202

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