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Oil flax varieties

Cultivation regions – Volga-Vyatka and Middle Volga

Regions of possible cultivation – Volga-Vyatka, Middle Volga, Central Black Earth, North Caucasus and Crimea, Ural, West Siberian

The unique feature of variety is a low content of linoleic acid in oil – from 2.8 to 15.2 %. The oil is suitable for food usage!

The optimum plant density at harvesting time is 650-700 plants/m2

Brown seed color

Responsive to high soil fertility

Resistant to Fusarium blight

You can contact the sales department by phone 8 800 700 75 85
Cultivation regions
Vegetation period 85-90 days
Productivity of land 1,9-2,1 t/ha
Oil content 45,0-45,6 %
Weight of 1000 seeds 5,1-5,3

Regions of admission: Volgo-Vyatsky, Srednevolzhsky.