Soybean in Russia - reality and possibility


Scientific and production edition

UDC 633.853.52.631.5

The authors:

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Lukomets, director of VNIIMK, academician of RAS, doctor of agricultural sciences

Alexander Vasilievich Kochegura, head of the soybean department, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor

Valentin Fyodorovich Baranov, chief research worker of soybean department of VNIIMK, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor

Vasily Leonidovich Makhonin, head of the laboratory of soybean management practice, candidate of agricultural sciences

Soybean in Russia - Reality and possibility

In this popular science review the versatile value of soybean, the history of its spreading and production condition are presented; the growth reserves of soybean amounts at the expense of crops expansion and productivity increase are shown; the role of varieties,  seed growing and и scientific technological developments in productivity increase of agrocenoses is highlighted; there is described the significance of business factors and State support of this important and new crop for the European region for the development of the country's agroindustry; there are shown the real prospects of the development of soybean growing on the basis of scientific and technical progress - as a valuable protein and oil crop having a strategic role of socio-political, economic and ecological importance.

The book is meant for management employees of agroindustry of Russia, and also for everyone who is interested in destiny of soybean growing in the country.

©State Scientific Institution
All-Russia Research Institute of Oil Crops
Russian Academy of Sciences, 2013

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