Winter rapeseed Sarmat (RS1) is now available for purchase


Currently, many farmers consider rapeseed to be one of the most promising oil crops. The cultivation of rapeseed has been and remains highly profitable. The key factor for a higher economic benefit of rapeseed production is the price of oil seeds and oil. The secret of high productivity of rapeseed lies in its undemanding nature to the soil composition, as well as in the insusceptibility to changes in temperature. The relatively low price of rapeseed seeds explains the popularity of this oil crop among agricultural producers. Moreover, the seeding rate of winter rapeseed seeds per area unit is small, only 3-4 kg/ha.
- Characteristics of the cultivar Sarmat
Highly productive middle-early cultivar of winter rapeseed, resistant to lodging and seed cast, tolerant to Phoma rot, which allows reducing yield losses during ripening and harvesting. It is responsive to high soil fertility and technologically simple for harvesting. Sarmat can be grown on compacted and acidulated soils (in rice crop rotations).
• Oil content of seeds is 47-48 %
• Growth season is 265-270 days
• Seed yield is 5.0 t/ha
• Average fresh yield is 65-70 t/ha
• The regions of possible cultivation: Central Chernozem, North Caucasus, Northwestern

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