The Day of Russian Science


Dear collegues!

On February 8 we celebrate a wonderful day - the Day of Russian science!

The beginning of this day is connected with the establishment of the Russian Academy of Sciences by the order of Peter the Great in 1724.

In the course of its tercentenary history, Russian science enriched thw world with a number of outstanding scientists, great discoveries, amazing inventions and had a huse impact on the development of society and the country on the whole.

Science is the main driving force of progress, the most important resource for the development of the national economy. New knowledge about the world and ourselves is connected with science. Russian scientists are busy with solving a number of problems. VNIIMK in every way promotes the development of promising areas of the agroindustrial complex of our country and the whole world, develops new technologies, unique varieties and hybrids of oil and essential oil crops.

We sincerely wish you creative achievements and success in scientific researach, inexhaustible activity, good health and mood, and happiness.

Best regards,

Director of VNIIMK,

V.M. Lucomets