Winter rapeseed Elvis (RS1) is available for purchase


Recently, winter rapeseed is becoming more and more frequently used in the crop rotations of agricultural enterprises in the Stavropol and Krasnodar regions. The right selection of seed material is essential for the successful cultivation of rapeseed. A productive cultivar is the most available means of increasing yields and improving product quality.

Characteristics of the cultivar Elvis

Elvis is an early-ripening cultivar with high yield potential. This cultivar is highly adaptable to deteriorating weather conditions. Elvis can be sown at optimal and late dates, since the plants begin developing intensively from the autumn. This cultivar is characterized by an early onset of flowering and early ripening, which allows to avoid the hot dry winds in July in the arid regions of southern Russia and provides the start of rapeseed harvesting before the main harvest of wheat.

• Oil content of seeds is 47-48 %

• Growth season is 260-265 days

• Seed yield is 4.2 t/ha

• Average fresh yield is 60-65 t/ha

• The regions of possible cultivation: Central Chernozem, North Caucasus, Northwestern

For seed purchase, contact V.S. Pustovoit All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Crops: 8-800-700-75-85

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