Work review of V.S. Pustovoit All-Russian for 2019 Research Institute of Oil Crops


In the period from 27 to 29, 2020, the reporting and planning session of V.S. Pustovoit All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Crops was held. Within three days, the heads of the scientific departments of the institute and the institute's branches made reports on the results of work for 2019.

According to the research results in the reporting year, V.S. Pustovoit All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Crops developed and submitted for the state variety trials the following hybrids and varieties: herbicide-resistant hybrids of sunflower Surus (for the production system Sumo (ExpressSun) and Clip (for the production system Clearfield Plus), a simple interline sunflower hybrid Donskoy 59, mid-ripening sunflower varieties of confectionery type Konditer and SPK plus, decorative sunflower varieties Mazhor and Agat. The unique soybean varieties: Vilana beta with a higher content of chlorophyll β in the leave mesophyll, which provides higher, in comparison to conventional varieties, productivity under conditions of overcrowding, including weeds, shading and long (up to 30 days) soil overmoistening; variety Barguzin with increased cold resistance and decreased response to the length of the day, ripening in the conditions of the Irkutsk region. Winter variety of oil flax Snegurok suitable for winter crops, winter rapeseed variety Olivin with an oleic acid content of 79.7%, mustard variety Alice resistant to lodging and seed cast, and narrow-leaved lavender variety Vosnesenskaya Aroma, characterized by increased yield of inflorescences, content and yield of essential oil.

In 2019, the Institute received 16 patents for breeding achievements, 6 - for inventions, 1 - for a utility model; the Institute sent 16 applications for Russian patents for breeding achievements, 2 - for inventions and 1 - for a utility model.

The scientists of the Institute published 272 scientific articles, including 12 in foreign publications, 5 newspaper articles; 1 book, 1 catalog, 11 recommendations and 3 booklets to help agricultural producers were published.