VNIIMK sunflower in the Ryazan region


According to preliminary data from Rosstat, in 2020, the sunflower crop acreage in the Russian Federation amounted to 8.55 million hectares. In the constituent entries of the Russian Federation included in the Central region of the State Register of Admitted Selection Achievements, the main sunflower crop acreage in 2020 was concentrated in the Ryazan region - 56.1 thousand hectares.

However, currently, in the State Register of Selection Achievements, there are no sunflower varieties and hybrids admitted for cultivation in the Central region. At the same time, according to the data of the Ryazan branch of the FSBI “Gossortcommission”, more than 40 varieties and hybrids of this crop are cultivated in the region, mainly of foreign breeding.

In 2021, VNIIMK provided samples of sunflower varieties and hybrids for testing for economic value in the Central region. The tests were carried out at the Alexandro-Nevsky GSU of the Ryazan branch. This state variety plot is located in the forest-steppe agroclimatic area of the Ryazan region and, according to its characteristics, is most suitable for the cultivation of this crop.

The sowing of the received varieties was carried out on May 14, 2021. According to the FSBI “Gossortcommission”, the plants' conditions on July 29 allows us to make a preliminary prognosis that, under favorable climatic factors, the yield of sunflower seeds can be at least 25-30 centners per hectare (according to Rosstat, in 2020, the average yield of sunflower in the Russian Federation was 15.9 c/ha).