The first in the Russian Federation high oleic variety of winter rapeseed "Olivin"


The breeders of V.S. Pustovoit All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Crops developed the first in the Russian Federation winter rapeseed variety with high oleic acid content, "Olivin".

The breeders of our institute spent more than 15 years to develop the high-oleic variety of winter rapeseed "Olivin". It was obtained as a result of crossbreeding, selection, and self-pollination of a hybrid combination, in which lines with a high ω-9 content and the variety of VNIIMK breeding "Drakon" were used.

The advantage of the new variety is its unique fatty acid composition of the oil. The oleic acid content is 79.7%, which is by 13.8% higher than the standard. In a competitive trial of 2018-2019, the variety "Olivin" is on the level of variety "Loris" by seed yield and oil collection. On average, its yield was 4.00 t/ha.

ОЛИВИН 1.jpg

The variety "Olivin" is characterized by uniformity of plants, flowering and ripening.

The new high-oleic variety of winter rapeseed "Olivin" is also characterized by a low content of linolenic acid. Its level in oil is only 5.2%. This fatty acid composition can increase the shelf life of the oil and significantly increase thermal stability. Variety "Olivin" is non-erucic and low glucosinolate type "00".

оливин 2.jpg

The oil content of seeds of the new variety is at the level of 48 % and by this characteristic significantly exceeds the standard.

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The variety "Olivin" is recommended for cultivation for grain and green fodder. The green mass yield is at hle level of standard - 65 t/ha.