The condition of winter rapeseed sowings in the Krasnodar region.


The November weather conditions in the Krasnodar region, when after very warm weather, temperature on the soil surface dropped to -8…-9 °С, led to minor burns on the leaf surface of winter rapeseed. The apex of varieties of VNIIMK breeding (Loris, Elvis, Sarmat and Selegor) is not damaged and is at the level of 2.0-3.0 cm. By this time, the rapeseed plant developed 7-9 leaves; the diameter of the root neck is 7-10 mm. This condition of winter rapeseed plants prior to winter is close to optimal. At the end of December, the condition of winter rapeseed can be assessed as “good”. Breeding and seed-growing sowings of winter rapeseed at VNIIMK are also in optimal condition.