Genetic potential


The medical studies in the field of DNA research were discussed in a TV program "Cherez krai".

What are genes, what do they tell us, what is their role in the life of a person, animal, plant? Are GMO products harmful or useful? The program "Cherez krai" became interested in genetics.

Demurin Yakov Nikolaevich, head of the laboratory of genetics of V.S. Pustovoit All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Crops, doctor of biology, professor, attended this program on the TV-channel KUBAN 24.

Yakov Nikolaevich told about research on the system of heredity and variability of valuable breeding traits of sunflower in order to study the individual genetics of this crop, to develop and study a characteristic collection, then to conduct an analysis followed by a transition to the genetic collection and finally, further usage of the obtained lines (donors, analogues) in practical breeding and early generation seed production of sunflower