March 8 - International Women's Day!


Dear women!

On behalf of the male part of our team, accept the most sincere congratulations on this beautiful spring holiday - International Women's Day!

It is not a coincidence that it is celebrated in the beginning of spring, during the happy time when nature awakens to a new life and people are waiting for warmth, renewal, tenderness. The woman in many respects is similar to spring: gentle, beautiful, emotional. And it is thanks to women, their love and kindness, that men overcome adversity and perform feats.

Our dear women, thank you for your work. Your sensitivity and charisma, attentive attitude towards people make our world lighter and more beautiful, and the atmosphere in our friendly team is homely and more heartful.

We are grateful to you for your ability to understand and support, for your compassion and for surrounding us with care. You help to implement the most daring ideas, you inspire hope and confidence in the future.

You are sincerely admired and deeply respected for your desire to devote your life to serving your favorite occupation. It is thanks to your extraordinary talent and inexhaustible optimism that our institute strives for new horizons, makes a huge contribution to the cause of strengthening and prosperity of our Motherland.

With all my heart I wish you good health, an inexhaustible supply of mental strength, family comfort, good luck in all endeavors. Congratulations! 

Yours faithfully,

Interim director of VNIIMK

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Lukomets