July 26, 2018. Field Day - hybrids and varieties of sunflower, varieties of soybean


FGBNU VNIIMK invites you to the annual All-Russian seminar “Field Day - hybrids and varieties of sunflower, varieties of soybean” with a demonstration of its latest breeding achievements. More than century-old history of the Institute allows us not only to keep pace with the time, but to develop new quality varieties and hybrids that are resistant to the main complex of pathogens and that show a consistently high yield every year. Currently, 188 varieties and hybrids of oil crops of VNIIMK breeding are included in the State Register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation.

The new developments of 2018 include a simple highly productive high-oil sunflower hybrid TYPHOON, resistant to new races of downy mildew (330 and 710), and a new early-ripening confectionary variety of sunflower of intensive type BELOCHKA, with a thousand-seed weight of up to 140 g. You will also see very early-ripening varieties of sunflower SKORMAS and VNIIMK 100, suitable for postharvest and postcut sowings and resowing in the Southern Federal District.

You will see high-yielding varieties of soybean: VILANA, SLAVIA, CHARA, OLIMPIA, PUMA, IRBIS (protein accumulation in seeds is up to 45.8 %) and others that are characterized by increased drought resistance.

The seminar will take place with the support of BASF company. Heads of the Ministry of Agriculture and Processing Industry of the Krasnodar region, representatives of the FGBU “Rosselkhozcenter” in the Krasnodar region, heads of district administrations, specialists of agriculture departments, leading agronomists and directors of farm companies will take part in the event.

The event will be held on July 26, 2018 in Novoberezansky, Korenovsky district, the Krasnodar region at FGUP “Berezanskoe”. Registration of participants will begin at 9.00 am.

For more information, please call: 8 (861) 254-05-18