On September 2, 2021, the “Soybean Day in Lipetsk 2021” took place in the Lipetsk region


Soybean is a popular crop of the Central Chernozem region. Over the past ten years, the region has seen rapid growth in soybean acreage, and the cultivation technology of this crop is improving every year.

At the demonstration site of the “Soybean Day in Lipetsk 2021”, Sergey Viktorovich Zelentsov, head of the soybean department, corresponding member of the RAS, Doctor of Agriculture, demonstrated high-protein varieties of soybean of the Institute’s breeding, which are most adapted to the climatic conditions of the Lipetsk region and meet all the criteria of agricultural producers: Barguzin, Puma, Vita, Kora, Parus, Slavia.

Guests and participants of the event from numerous regions of the Russian Federation appreciated the demonstration sowings and discussed such issues of the development of soybean production in Russia, such as the organization of industrial seed production considering the natural and climatic conditions of the regions, the use of a bioprotection system, and an increase in the profitability of soybean.

As Oleg Valentinovich Dolgikh, the head of the agriculture department of the Lipetsk region, said in his speech: “Increased attention is paid to the cultivation of oil crops in the Lipetsk region. Last year, the region received a record harvest of soybean – 139.5 thousand tons. Thanks to the painstaking work of domestic breeders, new ultra-early ripening varieties with a high protein content have appeared. They have time to ripen in our region and give a good harvest”.

V.S. Pustovoit All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Crops has been actively introducing new varieties and hybrids of oil crops in the region for many years. Recently the Institute’s presence has increased with the addition of a new branch – Lipetsk Research Institute of Rapeseed.