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Author(s) Article title Page
Bochkovoy A.D.,
Peretyagin Е.А.,
Khatnyansky V.I.,
Krivoshlykov K.M.,
Kamardin V.А.,
Bezdetko А.V.
To the issue of specialized sunflower seed production zones in Russia 3-12
Volgin V.V.,
Obydalo А.D.
Phenotypic display of a trait oil content in seeds in interline sunflower hybrids 13-18
Detsyna А.А.,
Illarionova I.V.
The productivity of the second cicle in the recurrent selection of the sunflower phenotype 19-25
Volgin V.V.,
Obydalo А.D.
A double-tester method in studying of genetics of a trait seeds amount per a head in sunflower interline hybrids 26-30
Gridnev А.K. МMorphological traits of seeds of Armenian type of cultivated sunflower var. Armeniacus Wenzl. et Anashez 31-39
Karpachev V.V.,
Pastukhov I.О.
Estimation of combining ability of androgenic spring rapeseed line in diallel crosses 40-42
Agafonov О.S.,
Prudnikov S.М.,
Zverev L.V.,
Sklyarov S.V.
Nuclear magnetic relaxation characteristics of protons in oil of flax seeds with different fatty acid composition 43-48
Tishkov N.М.,
Dryakhlov А.А.
ВInfluence of plant population on productivity and yield quality of the maternal lines of sunflower hybrids 49-57
Boldisov Е.А.,
Bushnov А.S.
Productivity of sunflower hybrids in Kursk and Krasnodar regions depending on the seed sowing rates and mineral fertilizers application 58-63
Zaitsev N.I.,
Agafonov О.М.,
Shabaldas О.G.,
Vlasova О.I.
Tubercles formation depending on the prior-sowing soybean seed treatment with bacterial preparations 64-68
Muradosilova N.V.,
Shulyak I.I.,
Afanasiev I.V.
Blackspot in sunflower sowings in the European part of the Russian Federation 69-74
Saenko G.М.,
Bushneva N.А.
Effectiveness of prior-sowing soybean seeds treatment against фdiseases and pest effecting seedlings 75-82
Bochkovoy А.D.,
Peretyagin Е.А.,
KhatnyanskyV.I., Kamardin V.А.
A role of bee pollination in formation of high and stable yields of sunflower confectionary varieties 83-92
Zelentsov S.V. History of flax crop in the world and Russia 93-103