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Author(s) Article’s name Page
Guchetl S.Z.,
Antonova Т.S.,
Chelyustnikova T.А.,
Araslanova N.М.,
Strel’nikov Е.А.
Studying of the inheritance of resistance in cultivated sunflower to broomrape raace G (Orobanche cumana Wallr.) 3-9
Guchetl S.Z.,
Antonova Т.S.,
Chelyustnikova T.А.
Intrapopulation variability of broomrape affecting sunflower in Russia which can be discovered by microsatellite loci 10-18
Volgin V.V.,
Obydalo А.D.
The research results of inheritance of seed yield trait in interline sunflower hybrids 19-24
Efremova О.S.,
Dega L.А.,
Nodel’man Е.K.,
Shkryl’ Yu.N.
Estimation of transgenetic soybean plants (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) for resistance to phytopathogens 25-30
Prudnikov S.М.,
Agafonov О.S.,
Zverev L.P.
Influence of apparatus factors on the results of measures of oil content, moisture, and percentage of oleic acid in sunflower seeds by a NMR-method 31-35
Lukomets V.М.,
Bushnev А.S.,
Podlesny S.P.,
Mamyrko Yu.V.,
Veter V.I.,
Semerenko S.А.
Assay of sunflower genotypes productivity depending on some elements of cultivation technology on black soils of the Western Ciscaucasia 36-44
Tishkov N.М.,
Dryakhlov А.А.
Yield and yield quality of confectionary sunflower varieties depending on plant populations 45-54
Maklyak Е.N.,
Kirichenko V.V.
Responce of sunflower hybrids of different maturity groups on the temperature regimen during vegetative period 55-60
Til’ba V.А. Virulence of legume bacteria on soybean and degree of symbiotic nitrogen accumulation in soils of Amur region 61-66
Bushnev А.S.,
Gorbachenko F.I.,
Kartamysheva Е.V.,
Luchkina Т.N.,
Podlesny S.P.,
Loshkomoynikov I.А.,
Minzhasova А.K.
Perfection of agricultural technologies of oil flax varieties on leached and typical chernozems 67-76
Sedlyar F.F.,
Andrusevich М.P.
Influence of applied dozes of the growth regulator Ecosil on yield and quality of oil seeds of winter rapeseed 77-81
P.S. Vishnevsky,
Katerinchuk I.М.
Features of growth and development of spring rapeseed depending on usage of the preparation Pictor in the northern steppe-forest zone of Ukraine 82-87
Krivoshlykov K.М. Аnalysis of factors of stable development of of municipal distric and city areas of Krasnodar region considering seeds sector of oil-and-fatty industry in the region 88-99
Maslienko L.V.,
Voronkova А.Kh.
Elements of laboratory regime of fungal biological preparations production in a form “wettable powder” 100-107
Shuvaeva Т.P.,
Borodkina А.P.
Studying of lavandin clones for possibility to produce in Krasnodar region 108-113
Kotlyarova I.А.,
Detsyna А.А.,
Tereschenko G.А.
Jinn is a new sunflower confectionary variety 114-117
Kuznetsova G.N.,
Bochkaryova E.B.,
Polyakova R.S.
Variety of spring rapeseed woth high oil content Granit 118-120

Peretyagina Т.М.,
Demurin Ya.N.,
Borisenko О.М.,
Tolmachyova N.N.,
Levutskaya А.N.

Sunflower ornamental varieties Aurelia and Fisalia of VNIIMK breeding 121-123