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Lukomets V.М.
Bochkovoy А.D.
Khatnyansky V.I.
Kamardin V.А.
Bezdetko А.V.

The features of formation of yeild qualities of certified seeds of sunflower varieties in different ecological conditions 3-9

Bochkovoy А.D.
Khatnyansky V.I.
Kamardin V.А.
Kryukova E.S.

The yield qualities of foundation and certified seeds of sunflower varieties in progenies


Demurin Ya.N.
Borisenko О.M.
Chebanova Yu.V.
Levutskaya А.N.

Maternal effect in inheritance of mid-oleic acid content in the F1 seeds of sunflower

Obydalo N.D. Studying of confectionary sunflower hybrid combinations developed on the base of the general combining ability estimations, diallel analysis and top-cross 22-28

Kotlyarova I.А.
Tereschenko G.А.
Voloshina О.I.

Variability od seeds within a head on morphometric traits and seed productivity at the modern sunflower varieties 29-37

Khatnyansky V.I.
Vasilieva Т.А.
Khatit А.B.
Boiko Yu.G.
Ilyuk G.N.

The possibility of sunflower varieties improvement for trait simultaneity of plants flowering 38-42

Egorova N.А.
Stavtseva I.V.

Development of biotechnological method of creating the low-temperature stress resistant forms of coriander in vitro 43-50

Tishkov N.М.
Dryakhlov А.А.

Resposiveness of sunflower hybrids on plant population on leached chernozem of Krasnodar region 51-58

Boldisov Е.А.
Bushnev А.S.

Reaction of sunflower hybrids on seed sowing rates and fertilizers application in the different soil and climatic conditions 59-72

SAvenkkov V.P.
Epifantseva А.М.

Phytosanitary state of sowings of spring rapeseed and other field crops depending on the different systems of primary soil treatment in crop rotation


Tishkov N.М.
Dryakhlov А.А.

Responsiveness of soybean on foliar application of micronutrients on leached chernozem of Krasnodar region 81-87

Shaforostov V.D.
Efimkin N.В.

Self-propelled planter for sowing plots of oil crops with small seeds 88-91

Bochkaryov B.N.
Araslanova N.М.
Saukova S.L.
Goloschapova N.N.
Fukalova М.S.

Influence of seeds microflora on commercially valuable traits of the parental lines and hybrids of sunflower of VNIIMK breeding 92-99

Shulyak I.I.
Muradosilova N.V.

The dates of implementation of protective procedures against sunflower diseases 100-105

Zelentsov S.V.
Zelentsov V.S.
Moshnenko Е.V.
Ryabenko L.G.

Modern understanding of the phylogeny and taxonomy of a genus Linum L. and flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) 106-121


Gorbachenko F.I.
Gorbachenko О.F.
Gorbachenko V.D.
Usatenko Т.V.
Luchkin N.S.
Burlyaeva Е.G.
Zhitnik N.А.

Economic and technological traits of the new sunflower hybrids of Don experimental station breeding


Puzikov А.N.
Suvorova Yu.N.

Sunflower variety Sibirsky-12 127-128

Bochkaryova E.B.
Gorlova L.А.
Serdyuk V.V.

Spring rapesed variety Ruyan 129-130

Gorlov S.L.
Trubina V.S.
Shipievskaya Е.Yu.
Serdyuk О.А.

White mustard vareity Ruslana 131-132