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Breeding and seed growing of crops

V.М. Lukomets
А.D. Bochkovoy
V.I. Khatnyansky
V.А. Kamardin
А.V. Bezdetko

The sowing and yield qualities of certified seeds of sunflower varieties produced in differentregions of the Russian Federation

E.S. Kryukova A character of variability of sunflower varieties in production from foundation to certified seeds 13-18

V.V. Volgin
А.D. Obydalo
B.N. Bochkaryov

The efficiency of a simple reccurent selection in breeding of sunflower inbreds 19-26

Т.G. Rogozhina
Yu.V. Aniskina
V.V. Karpachyov
I.А. Shilov

An application of microsatellite analysis for detection of biotypes from spring rapeseed cultivars (Brassica Napus L.) 27-33

I.А. Polyakova
V.I. Levchenko V.А. Polyakov
V.А. Lyakh

Properties of a biochemical composition of wild flax seeds 34-39
General crop management, plant growing
Е.А. Boldisov

An ecological adaptability of sunflower hybrids to different soils and climate conditions depending on some elements of agricultural technology


А.S. Bushnev
F.I. Gorbachenko
Е.V. Kartamysheva
Т.N. Luchkina
S.А. Semerenko
S.P. Podlesny
Yu.V. Mamyrko

An improvement of some elements of oil flax cultivation in conditions of the southern region of the Russian Federation 50-62

M.А. Nesmeyanova
А.V. Dedov
А.А. Panov
Е.Yu. Panova

A technology of sunflower cultivation with application of some biological methods


S.G. Zhdanov
V.Yu. Revenko
М.М. Belousov

The influence of the agricultural crops-phytoameliorants on changes in fertility and productivity of eroded chernozems of the Western Ciscaucasus 68-79

V.F. Baranov
L.А. Baranova

Early-early maturing soybean cultivars for the northern-western zone of Russia 80-86
М.S. Poberezhny The influence of the global and local changes of the climate on placement of soybean production in Ukraine 87-92

А.А. Dubtsova
А.V. Churmasov

The influence of ozonization of seeds on growth and development of flax plants (Linum Usitatissimum L.) 93-98

V.D. Shaforostov
N.V. Efimkin

A breeding planter for sowing of oil flax seeds on the experimental plots 99-102

V.D. Shaforostov
S.S. Makarov
V.N. Pogorelov

A reaper to breeding combine for sunflower harvesting 103-105
Review artivles

N.I. Bochkaryov
S.V. Zelentsov
Т.P. Shuvaeva
А.P. Borodkina

Taxonomy, morphology and breeding of mentol mints (review) 106-124

Breeding achievements

S.L. Gorlova
V.S. Trubina
О.А. Serdyuk

A variety of a winter false flax Karat 125-126

S.L. Gorlov
E.B. Bochkaryova
L.А. Gorlova
V.V. Serdyuk

The high oleic variety of spring rapeseed Amulet 127-128