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V.М. Lukomets
А.D. Bochkovoy
V.I. Khatnyansky
V.А. Kamardin
Е.S. Kryukova

The quality of sunflower OP-varieties seeds of different reproductions


N.N. Tolmachyova
Ya.N. Demurin
N.I. Bochkaryov

A genetic control of a columnar habitus with erect leaves in sunflower


N.N. Leonova
V.V. Kirichenko
А.А. Sivenko

The effect of heterosis and a combining ability of sunflower lines of a confectionary type

B.N. Bochkaryov

Shattering losses of sunflower seeds depending on the morphometric traits of plants of the parental lines and their hybrids

I.V. Illarionova

Studying of a possibility of sunflower plants selection on a decreasing of stem bending under the flower head


А.Z. Satarov
V.V. Kirichenko

Variability of the breeding traits of sunflower hybrids at application of Eurolightning


М.V. Trunova
А.V. Kochegura

An equivalence of estimations on plots of soybean breeding nurse to estimations in competitive variety trials of soybean


S.S. Ryabukha
Т.V. Sokol
P.V. Chernyshenko
А.V. Tertyshny

Study of the genepool of soybean Glycine max (L.) Merr. by resistance to Fusarium spp. L. species


S.L. Gorlov
L.А. Gorlova
E.B. Bochkaryova
V.V. Serdyuk

The results of trials of winter rapeseed cultivars and hybrids in a central zone of the Krasnodar region 52-56

N.М. Тishkov
А.N. Nazarko

Above-ground residues of sunflower as a source of stocking with an organic matter and nutrients of typical chernozem 57-71
А.S. Bushnev The influence of the system of primary soil treatments on a productivity of links of a grain-tilled crop rotation with oil crops and winter wheat on leached chernozem of the Western Ciscaucasia 72-83

А.М. Kovalenko
А.S. Malyarchuk

A productivity of winter rapeseed depending on method of soil treatment and doses of nitrogen fertilizers applied at early-spring fertilizing in the south of Ukraine 84-87

V.К. Dridiger
Е.L. Popova

Influence of cultivation technology on agrophysical properties of the soil and productivity of the winter rapeseed on the leached chernozem of the Central Ciscaucasia 88-95

V.А. Volobuev
V.Yu. Revenko

A method of incorporation into soil of crop stubble and plant residues of oil flax 96-100

V.D. Shaforostov
N.V. Efimkin
V.N. Pogorelov

Machines and equipment for mechanization of breeding and seed growing works 101-108

V.D. Shaforostov
N.V. Efimkin

An attachment to pneumatic planter for mechanical sowing of soybean seeds 109-112

А.D. Bochkovoy
К.М. Krivoshlykov
V.А. Kamardin
Е.S. Kryukova
А.V. Bezdetko

The economic efficiency of sunflower seed production in different regions of the Russian Federation 113-120

V.М. Lukomets
S.V. Zelentsov
L.G. Ryabenko

Using the law of homologous series in determining the potential of cultivated flax Linum usitatissimum L. adaptability in subarctic and mountain conditions (review) 121-132


S.L. Gorlov
E.B. Bochkaryova
L.А. Gorlova
V.V. Serdyuk

Winter rapeseed variety Sarmat 133-134

S.L. Gorlov
V.S. Trubina

A variety of mustard sareptskaya Nika 135-136