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Breeding and seed growing of crops

Dyakov A.B.,

Borsukov A.A.

Specifics of adaptive responses of sunflower hybrids on extreme drought conditions of 2010 in European territory of Russia

3-26 (1,06Mb)

Demurin Ya.N.,

Tronin A.S.,

Pihtyareva A.A.,

Levutskaya A.N.,

Frolov S.S.,

Guchetl S.Z.

Screening of sunflower lines and OP varieties of VNIIMK breeding for ALS-inhibitor resistance 26-32 (599,66kb)

А.А. Babich,
N.V. Kochanyuk

The inheritance of seeds weight per a plant in interline soybean hybrids 32-36 (633,76kb)
V.V. Volgin,
А.D. Obydalo
The usage of isolation of oil sunflower plants in sowings of tall late-flowering forms of Helianthus annuus L. 37-42 (543,93kb)
V.I. Khantyansky,
Т.А. Vasilieva,
А.B. Khatit

Duration of sunflower flowering period as influenced by environmental conditions 42-46 (809,15kb)
S.V. Zelentsov,
Е.V. Moshnenko
The problem of soybean breeding on resistance to untimely dehiscence (shattering) of pods (Report I) 47-59 (1,07Mb)
S.V. Zelentsov,
Е.V. Moshnenko
Structural features of endocarpial sclerenchyma valves and its role in soybean pod dehiscence (Report II) 59-70 (855,19kb)
S.V. Mischenko Peculiarities of inheritance of oil content in seeds of non-narcotic hemp hybrids 70-75 (505,12kb)

Т.А. Rozhmina,
А.А. Zhuchenko,
N.V. Kishlyan,
Т.S. Kisilyova
The search of new sources of oil flax traits valuable for breeding in collection of VNIIL 75-81 (433,89kb)
О.V. Yakimova,
N.А. Egorova
Induction of callusogenesis in culture of isolated organs of Origanum vulgare L. 81-86 (442,64kb)
G.N. Il’chenko,
Т.Т. Аgeeva,
N.G. Beryozkin
Influence of different illumination levels on growth and development of basil eugenol (Ocimum gratissimum L.) 86-91 (420,35kb)

General crop management, plant growing

V.Т. Piven’,
N.М. Tishkov,
S.А. Semerenko,
А.S. Bushnev,
V.I. Veter
The role of protective shelterbelts as an ecological factor in the regulation of phyto-sanitary state of oil crop fields 91-100 (771,75kb)
А.S. Bushnev A water regime of leached chernozem in long-term application of different systems of main soil treatment in crop rotation with oil crops 100-119 (762,86kb)
N.М. Tishkov,
А.А. Dryakhlov
Responsiveness of female sunflower lines on fertilizer application on leached chernozem 119-124 (446,88kb)
N.М. Tishkov,
А.А. Dryakhlov
Application of sulfurous fertilizers under oil crops on leached chernozem 124-130 (453,03kb)
S.I. Polevschikov,
D.S. Gavrilin
Influence of sowing terms on soybean productivity and crop quality in conditions of the Tambov region 130-135 (488,75kb)
О.А. Posylaeva Formation of economic characters of soybean seed productivity depending on cultivation conditions 135-139 (625,68kb)
А.N. Borovik,
Т.Yu. Miroshnichenko
Shaerococcum triticale is the new grain crop for cultivation after sunflower 139-144 (567,59kb)
L.А. Kucherenko,
V.S. Petibskaya,
S.G. Еfimenko
Influence of different ecological trials on oil content and quality in soybean seeds 145-150 (491,25kb)
N.А. Glukhova,
V.V. Pozdnyakov
Influence of the weather conditions on qualitative and quantitative composition of tocopherols in winter rapeseed 150-156 (465,26kb)
Plant protection and immunology
L.V. Maslienko,
N.М. Araslanova,
М.А. Kovchigina
Search of optimal method of artificial inoculation of sunflower with Downy Mildew pathogen with purpose to determine efficiency of test samples of microbiopreparations 156-162 (722,99kb)
S.А. Ramazanova,
М.V. Ivebor,
S.L. Saukova,
N.M. Araslanova,
Т.S. Antonova
Choice of optimal methodology for DNA isolation from mycelium of Alternaria species for PCR 162-167 (473,00kb)
S.L. Saukova,
М.V. Ivebor,
Т.S. Antonova,
N.M. Araslanova
Phoma pathogen on vegetating sunflower plants in Krasnodar region 167-172 (502,17kb
N.I. Loshakova,
L.P. Kudryavtseva,
L.N. Pavlova,
Т.А. Rozhmina
The role of “Collection of the phytopathogenic microorganisms — agents of flax diseases” in flax breeding on group resistance to diseases 172-178 (354,08kb)

Review articles

N.I. Bochkaryov,
S.V. Zelentsov,
Е.V. Moshnenko
Morphology, taxonomy, and breeding of coriander (review) 178-195 (1,10Mb)