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Plant breeding and seed production
A.D. Bochkovoy,
Т.S. Antonova,
V.А. Kamardin,
I.I. Veter,
S.Z. Guchetl,
Т.А. Chelyustnikova

The efficiency of different methods of determination of genetic purity of the seed lots of self-pollinated lines and hybrids of sunflower F1 generation

3-7 (485,94kb)
Ya.N. Demuryn,
О.М. Borisenko,
Yu.V. Chebanova
The longitude gradient of oleic acid content in different parts of sunflower seeds 7-10 (386,82kb)
V.V. Volgin,
А.D. Obydalo
The comperetive efficiency of sterilization methods of pollen of sunflower flowers 10-15 (468,69kb)
А.N. Zaitsev The nature of variability and inheritance of self-fertility and bee-attentance of sunflower 16-20 (404,31kb)
А.А. Fadeev,
М.F. Fadeeva,
L.V. Vorobyova
The effect of physical mutagen on quantitative traits of soybean 20-24 (397,27kb)
Т.G. Tovstanovskaya The corralations between biochemical indicators in oil and the duration of the mail growth stages in the collected samples of oil flax 24-27 (465,75kb)
I.М. Layko,
V.G. Virovets,
S.V. Mishchenko,
I.V. Vereshchagin
Grounds for creation of self-pollinated lines of non-narcotic hemp for breeding for increase of oil content 27-31 (416,19kb)
Е.N. Trembak,
N.N. Gordovskaya
The usage of non-paramentric method for astimating agtoecological adaptivity of promising sunflower hybrids 32-37 (387,36kb)
Agricultural practices and mechanization
А.S. Bushnev,
N.М. Tishkov
The change of the humus content and agrochemical characteristics of leached chernozem under the prolonged usage of the different tillage systems in oil crops rotation 38-51 (675,29kb)
N.М. Tishkov,
А.А. Dryakhlov
The effective methods of fertilizers application on female lines of sunflower in leached chernozem of Western Ciscaucasia 52-55 (404,34kb)
N.М. Tishkov,
А.А. Dryakhlov
The efficiency of soybean foliar application with microfertilizers in leached chernozem of Western Ciscaucasia 55-59 (422,88kb)
V.V. Kozyrev Productivity and indicators of soybean seeds quality under different elements of cultivation technology on the irrigated lands of the south of Ukraine 59-62 (389,25kb)
V.F. Baranov,
L.А. Baranova
The influence of the zonal ecogeographical conditions of reproduction of early ripning soybean varieties on their sowing qalities and productivity of plants in the Vologda region 62-69 (439,12kb)
N.B. Mitanova,
А.А. Peshkova,
А.V. Pomortseva,
VN. Dorofeev
The determination of optimal seeding rates of soybean for its cultivation in the forest-steppe of the Irkutsk region 69-73 (1,13Mb)
S.V. Zelentsov,
L.G. Ryabenko,
Е.V. Moshnenko,
V.S. Zelentsov,
L.R. Ovcharova,
G.G. Galkina,
S.V. Sklyarov,
V.I. Oleynik
The production of two generations of oil flax within one field season as a reserve for acceleration of the breeding process (Report I) 73-80 (713,49kb)
S.V. Zelntsov,
L.G. Ryabenko,
Е.V. Moshnenko,
V.S. Zelentsov,
L.R. Ovcharova,
G.G. Galkina,
S.V. Sklyarov,
V.I. Oleynik
Artificial after-ripning of oil flax seeds as the method of shifting the secondary summer sowings to an earlier dates (Report II) 80-87 (469,15kb)
I.Sh. Fatykhov,
V.N. Goreeva,
К.V. Koshkina,
Е.V. Кorepanova
The reaction of oil flax variety VNIIMK 620 on sowing dates in the Middle Cis-Ural region 87-91 (429,95kb)
Е.А. Shkoda The effects of fertilizers and tillage on the productivity and seed quality of winter rapeseed in the south of Ukraine 91-94 (377,08kb)
S.G. Zhdanov,
V.Yu. Revenko,
М.М. Belousov
The effect of prolonged use of soil-protective technologies on the changes of agrochemical characteristics of the fertility of eroded ordinary chernozems of the Western Ciscaucasia 94-99 (624,81kb)
Е.V. Cherkashina The peculiarities of land management of agricultural enterprises of essential oil specialization 99-103 (352,17kb)
А.S. Malyarchuk The effect of nitrogen fertilizers and primary tillage on productivity of winter rapeseed in irrigated crop rotation in the south of Ukraine 103-108 (386,94kb)
Plant protection and Immunity
S.Z. Guchetl,
Т.S. Antonova,
Т.А. Chelyustnikova
The interpopulation genetic differentiation of Orobanche cumana Wallr. from Russia, Kazakhstan and Romania by using molecular genetic markers 108-114 (684,89kb)
Т.S. Аntonova,
Е.А. Strelnikov,
N.М. Araslanova
The identification the racial background of broomrape Orobanche cumana Wallr. from the sunflower fields in the Krasnodar and Stavropol regions, Orenburg area and Kazakhstan 114-120 (430,93kb)
А.D. Bochkovoy,
Т.S. Antonova,
V.I. Khatnyansky,
V.А. Kamardin,
V.I. Veter,
S.L. Saukova
Pathogenic microflora of sunflower seeds from different areas of hybrid seed growing in the Russian Federation 120-124 (390,73kb)
N.М. Araslanova,
М.V. Ivebor,
S.L. Saukova,
Т.S. Antonovа,
S.А. Ramazanova
The effect of culture filtrates of fungal isolates of species Alternaria, Bipolaris, Ulocla-dium on the seed germination and seedling growth of sunflower 124-129 (641,40kb)
V.Ya. Ismailov,
I.I. Shulyak,
V.Т. Piven,
А.О. Didenko,
А.Т. Podvarko
Phomopsis in the sunflower crops in the Krasnodar region 130-134 (379,60kb)
V.Т. Piven,
I.I. Shulyak,
N.V. Muradosilova,
О.L. Sadovskikh,
V.I. Shulyak
The effect of dry rot on the commercial qualities of seeds of confectionary sunflower varieties 134-138 (470,43kb)
М.V. Ivebor,
S.L. Saukova,
Т.S. Аntonovа,
N.М. Аraslanova
Fungi of Alternaria Nees genus in sunflower seeds 139-144 (457,18kb)
Economy and production
К.М. Кrivoshlykov The analysis of the formation of commodity sector of fat-and-oil subcomplex of the Russian agribusiness industry under the current conditions 144-152 (676,49kb)
Review articles
V.F. Baranov,
V.L. Makhonin
About biological protection of soybean agrophytocenosis against noxious organizms 152-164 (623,51kb)
N.I. Bochkaryov,
S.V. Zelentsov,
Т.P. Shuvaeva,
А.P. Borodkina
The taxonomy, morphology and breeding of clary sage (review) 165-177 (697,04kb)

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