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Plant breeding and seed production
А.N. Puzikov,
Yu.N. Suvorova
Breeding for confectionery type — new possibilities of sunflower 3-7 (420,99kb)
А.V. Usatov,
F.I. Gorbachenko,
К.V. Azarin,
О.F. Gorbachenko,
V.Е. Tikhobaeva,
N.V. Markin
The relation between the heterosis effect of hybrids and genetic distance of sunflower parental lines 8-17 (626,75kb)
V.V. Kirichenko,
V.P. Petrenkova,
V.P. Kolomatskaya,
I.Yu. Borovskaya

The development intensity of Phomopsis pathogen and resistance of sunflower hybrids under the conditions of Ukraine

13-17 (537,98kb)
S.Z. Guchetl,
Т.А. Chelyustnikova,
Т.S. Antonova
The optimization of DNA extraction of broomrape (Orobanche cumana Wallr.) and the identification of polymorphic RAPD- and SSR-loci for genotyping of parasite 17-23 (520,64kb)
Ya.N. Demurin,
А.S. Tronin,
N.А. Pikalova
Phytotoxicity index of ALS-inhibiting herbicides in sunflower 24-27 (451,32kb)
G.М. Saenko,
S.V. Zelentsov

Osmotically dependent formation of charcoal rot microsclerotia Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid. in the tissues of cultivated and wild species of soybean (Report I)

27-32 (596,85kb)
G.М. Saenko,
S.V. Zelentsov,
V.Т. Piven

Using of fungi Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid. features in soybean breeding for tolerance to charcoal rot (Report II)

32-42 (628,19kb)
L.G. Belyavskaya Manifestation of transgressive variability in progenies of intervarietal soybean hybrids 43-49 (475,62kb)
N.Т. Pavlyuk,
Ya.А. Sviridov

The productivity of spring rapeseed in the south of the Central Chernozem region

49-52 (385,46kb)
Agrotechnology and mechanization
А.B. Dyakov,
А.А. Borsukov

A method of differentiation of growing areas of sunflower hybrids adapted to low-yielding and high-yielding conditions

52-63 (522,27kb)
А.S. Bushnev,
F.I. Gorbachenko,
Е.V. Kartamysheva,
Т.N. Luchkina,
S.А. Semerenko,
Yu.V. Mamyrko,
S.P. Podlesny

The production situation and improving of elements of management practice of oil flax in the southern region of the Russian Federation

63-84 (1,09Mb)
А.S. Bushnev,
N.М. Tishkov

The structure dynamics of leached chernozem under long-term application of different systems of primary tillage in oil crops rotation

84-101 (2,44Mb)
Т.P. Shuvaeva,
А.P. Borodkina

The management practice of peppermint in the Kuban region

101-108 (593,17kb)
V.D. Shaforostov The universal container technology of post-harvesting treatment of seed material 108-111 (685,12kb)
V.D. Shaforostov,
I.Е. Priporov

The technical and economic justification of the efficiency of a grain cleaner machine MVU-1500 with the advanced delivery device

112-115 (597,06kb)
Plant protection and immunity
I.А. Kotlyarova,
G.А. Tereshchenko

The specification of species composition of Fusarium fungi on sunflower

115-123 (911,86kb)
V.Т. Piven,
N.V. Muradasilova,
I.I. Shulyak,
Т.P. Alifirova

The detection’s methods of infection of sunflower seeds by the pathogenic microflora

123-130 (576,52kb)
Е.А. Strelnikov,
Т.S. Antonova

The influence of temperature on germination of broomrape (Orobanche cumana Wallr.) seeds parasitizing on sunflower

131-134 (512,72kb)
Т.V. Chigrin

The activity of redox enzymes in sunflower genotypes with different resistance to broomrape

134-139 (527,63kb)
О.P. Adamenko

The biological protection of soybean under the conditions of the eastern part of Forest-Steppe in Ukraine

139-144 (571,93kb)
Economics and production
Е.I. Artemova,
К.N. Plachinda
The economic efficiency of innovative (resource-saving) technology of sunflower hybrids production in seed industry 144-154 (671,58kb)
Review articles
V.F. Baranov,
V.L. Makhonin
The ecological role of variety in soybean agrocenoses 154-162 (617,86kb)
N.I. Bochkaryov,
S.V. Zelentsov,
Т.P. Shuvaeva,
А.P. Borodkina

The current status of taxonomy, morphology and breeding of lavender

163-178 (969,80kb)