Proceeding of the 7th International Conference of the Young Scientists and Experts

The conference on “The topical issues of biology, plant breeding, and technology of cultivation and processing of oil crops”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of VNIIMK's foundation, took place on February 19-21, 2013 at 17 Filatova street in Krasnodar.

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All-Russia Research Institute of Oil Crops by V.S. Pustovoit (to the 100th anniversary of foundation) p 3-4 (534,51kb)

Agafonov O.М., Shabaldas О.G.

The influence of application of preparations stimulating nitrogen-fixing activity of plants, growth regulators and foliar nutrition on soybean productivity p 5-8 (409,79kb)
Adamenko О.P., Petrenkova V.P., Sokol T.V. The seed infection of soybean under the conditions of the Kharkiv region of Ukraine p 9-11 (307,61kb)
Amanov Sh.B. The harmful entomofauna of safflower agrocoenosis in Uzbekistan p 12-15 (237,71kb)
Andronik E.L., Maslinskaya M.E. The assessment of new gene pool of oil flax under the conditions of Belarus p 16-19 (306,96kb)
Beresneva N.D. The characteristic of confectionery sunflower hybrids p 20-23 (233,91kb)
Bidnina I.А. The productivity of oil flax depending on the mineral nutrition ground under the conditions of the South Ukraine p 24-27 (317,15kb)
Boykaya E.А. The inheritance of morphological traits of intraspecific hybrids of Lunaria p 28-31 (480,99kb)
Borisenko О.М., Chebanova Yu.V. The inheritance of trait of medium oleic oil in sunflower seeds of line LG27 p 32-34 (380,40kb)
Borsukov А.А. The parametric estimates of wide adaptation of sunflower hybrids to the diversity of agroecological conditions of the European part of Russia p 35-39 (318,21kb)
Bochkaryov B.N. The influence of size and other parameters seeds of sunflower lines and hybrids on their shattering at the stage of industrial ripeness p 40-44 (270,67kb)
Bulygin D.A. The productivity of new varieties of soybean under various conditions of moistening and plant density p 45-48 (473,10kb)
Vodchits M.P., Beda I.O., Boltyanova E.A., Volotovich A.A. The essential oils content in aboveground parts of decidious and evergreen species of Rhododendron L. introduced in the conditions of Belarus p 49-53 (342,39kb)
Gindullina (Krasnova) D.A. The change of oil content in oil flax seeds from 2006 to 2012 p 54-56 (223,76kb)
Gontaruk V.T. The optimization technology of sunflower seeds growing on the hybridization plots in the conditions of irrigation of the South Ukraine p 57-61 (345,29kb)
Gubert E.V., Melnikov V.А., Agibaeva Z.K. The ecological testing of foreign sunflower hybrids in the North Kazakhstan p 62-66 (356,97kb)
Didorenko S.V. The results of usage of Krasnodar soybean varieties in the breeding program of the Republic of Kazakhstan p 67-71 (291,23kb)
Drozd I.M., Yaglo M.N., Makhno Yu.A., Sagaidak E.A. The cultivation of oil flax in the conditions of the western region and the Ukranian steppe zone p 72-76 (491,30kb)
Dryakhlov А.А. The sunflower productivity depeding on application of agrochemicals in leached chernozem of the Western Ciscaucasia p 77-81 (312,37kb)
Dryakhlov А.А. The application efficiency of agrochemicals in soybean crops in leached chernozem of the Western Ciscaucasia p 82-86 (310,70kb)
Egorin A.S. The influence of different natural zones’ conditions of the Krasnodar region on productivity of sunflower hybrids and quality of seeds p 87-91 (475,22kb)
Zakurdaeva N.N., Zelenskaya T.I. Intracultivar formation of soybean variety Lantsetnaya p 92-96 (248,50kb)
Ilyukhin D.V., Frolov S.S. The breeding of sunflower hybrids at Armavirskaya experimental station p 97-99 (299,74kb)
Isupova Yu.A. The assessment of fertilizers influence on the soybean cultivated in leached chernozem of the Western Ciscaucasia p 100-104 (443,05kb)
Kradetskaya О.О., Chilimova I.V. Quality assessment of sunflower oilseeds in breedimg process under the conditions of the Northern Kazakhstan p 105-108 (406,92kb)
Kurilova D.A. The efficiency of promising producer strains of microbiological preparations against soybean fusarium under the conditions of artificial infection in vitro p 109-113 (521,29kb)
Lakishik M.A., Ermak О.А., Afanasieva S.L., Volotovich A.А. The results and prospects of breeding work with blue melilot Trigon eiia caerulea L. under the conditions of Belorussian Polesye p 114-118 (326,31kb)
Levchuk A.N. The physiological role of lectins in seeds of oil flax p 119-123 (383,43kb)
Lukomets A.V. The analysis of indicators of stability of sunflower productivity in the agricultural firms and farms of the Krasnodar region p 124-127 (311,82kb)
Lukomets A.V., Krivoshlikov K.M. The analysis of factors forming the stability indicators of sunflower yield in the Krasnodar region p 128-132 (358,56kb)
Malyarchuk A.S., Borishchuk R.V., Bulba I.A., Markovskaya Е.Е. The efficiency of irrigated crop rotation when using the energy-saving methods of primary tillage of dark brown soil of the south of Ukraine p 133-135 (242,21kb)
Malyarchuk V.M. The efficiency of modern technologies of sunflower cultivation under different conditions of moistening, methods and depth of primary tillage in the south of Ukraine p 136-139 (316,43kb)
Mamyrko Yu.V., Podlesny S.P., Bushnev A.S., Alyukov A.M., Solovov S.Ya. The productivity of soybean varieties in specialized crop rotations of oil crops using various methods of main tillage p 140-144 (356,29kb)
Matveeva A.Yu., Komisarenko A.G. The agrobacterium-mediated transformation of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and corn (Zea mays L.) in planta with the use of LBA4404 strain having a plasmid with RNA-suppressor of prolinedehydrogenase gene p 145-149 (436,09kb)
Makhova T.V. The productivity of oil flax depending on the methods of sowing and seeding rates p 150-154 (495,47kb)
Medvedeva S.E., Volovik V.T. The methods of weed control in crops of spring rapeseed of early-ripening type p 155-158 (231,74kb)
Medvedeva S.E., Volovik V.T. Determination of optimum doses and timing of application of nitric fertilizers for Grant, the promising variety of spring rapeseed p 159-162 (321,13kb)
Mitanova N.B., Dorofeev V.N., Pomortsev A.V., Peshkova А.А. The soybean productivity in Eastern Siberia depending on the forecrop and seeding rates p 163-165 (387,45kb)
Nikiforova N.V., Klyachenko O.L. The receiving of regenerants of winter rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) p 166-169 (315,14kb)
Novokhizhny N.V., Kovalenko A.M., Timoshenko G.Z., Kovalenko A.A. The water consumption of sunflower depending on its placing in short-term crop rotations p 170-174 (326,29kb)
Obydalo A.D. The increase of seeds productivity of synthetic sunflower population as a result of the first cycle of simple recurrent selection p 175-178 (319,82kb)
Pikalova N.A., Fukalova M.S. The assessment of experimental sunflower hybrids cultivated under the production technology CLEARFIELD

p 179-182 (239,54kb)

Pikhtyaryova А.А., Tronin A.S. The inheritance of resistance trait to tribenuron-methyl in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) p 183-188 (461,53kb)
Posylaeva O.A., Ryabukha S.S. The study of adaptability of modern soybean varieties to drought and its usage in breeding p 189-192 (259,76kb)
Priporov I.E. The determination of input speeds of sunflower seeds to the vertical pneumatic canal of air-and-screen grain cleaner p 193-194 (318,87kb)
Satina T.G., Aniskina Yu.V. The assessment of rapeseed hybrids based on CMS by means of microsatellite analysis p 195-198 (443,46kb)
Sidorik I.V., Kozhakhmetov A.S., Didorenko S.V. Ecological variety trial of soybean in Kostanay agricultural institute p 199-203 (382,99kb)
Skidan M.S., Skidan V.A. The characteristics of influence of weather conditions during growth season on yield formation of the new sunflower hybrids p 204-208 (288,63kb)
Slivets M.S. The permeability of membranes and water content in leaves of rapeseed with transgene sur11A1 cytochrome P450scc under the conditions of high-temperature stress p 209-213 (347,68kb)
Strelnikov E.A. The virulence and some other peculiarities of ontogeny of broomrape Orobanche cumana Wallr., affecting sunflower in the south regions of Russia p 214-218 (420,63kb)
Tashmukhamedov M.B., Slabush V.I., Tulkubaeva S.A. The productivity of oil flax plants in the collection nursery of Kostanay Research Institute Of Agriculture p 219-223 (418,94kb)
Timoshenko G.Z., Kovalenko А.М., Kovalenko А.А., Novokhizhny N.V. The peculiarities of wintering and productivity of winter rapeseed depending on the agricultural practice of its cultivation in the Southern Steppe of Ukraine p 224-227 (250,69kb)
Tkachyova A.A. The optimization of cultivation conditions of plants for effective use of background trait in the soybean breeding p 228-232 (341,64kb)
Trubina V.S., Gorlov S.L., Serdyuk О.А. The methods of increasing set of seeds under intraspecific hybridization of mustard (Brassica juncea L.) p 233-237 (465,04kb)
Tulkubaeva S.A., Slabush V.I., Tashmukhamedov M.B., Abuova A.B. The peculiarities of development of oil flax, spring rapeseed, and false flax under different sowing dates and seeding rates under the conditions of North Kazakhstan p 238-243 (601,01kb)
Khramov A.V., Volovik V.T. The seed yield of white mustard under various dates of sowing in the conditions of the Central Non-black earth region p 244-246 (226,98kb)
Chernobrivets K.N. The implementation efficiency of the innovative project of proccessing of sunflower seed grains p 247-251 (337,25kb)
Chernobrivets K.N., Krivoshlikov K.M. The development of innovative processes of the sunflower production in the Krasnodar region p 252-256 (308,02kb)
Chernyshenko P.V., Ryabukha S.S. The scientific and economical substantination of optimization of soybean breeding technology in the easternpart of forest-steppe of Ukraine p 257-261 (328,83kb)
Chugai A.S., Ermak O.A., Moskalenko A.V., Volotovich А.А. The analysis of variability of economically valuable traits in lines of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) at cultivar breeding of silage purpose under the conditions of the Belarus Polesye p 262-265 (317,64kb)
Shchegolkov A.V. The connection between the photochemical activity of chloroplasts and soybean productivity in leached chernozem of the Western Ciscaucasia p 266-269 (318,59kb)
Yarantseva V.V. The structure of the photosynthetic apparatus of oil flax chlorophyll mutants and their initial lines p 270-274 (464,29kb)