Proceedings of the 6th International Conference of the Young Scientists and Experts

"Innovative research trends in breeding and cultivation technology of oil crops", Krasnodar, February 24-25, 2011



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Vasily Stepanovich Pustovoit
(to the 125th anniversary of his birth)
Azarin K.V. The assessment of combining ability of sunflower lines and selection of SSR-markers associated with heterosis effect 5-9
Askhadullin D-l.F.,
Askhadullin D-r.F.
The productivity of oil crops in the Kama zone of the Republic of Tatarstan 10-13
Belov D.A.,
Evseev P.A.
The fungicide derozal on oil flax fields 14-17
Beresneva N.D. The evaluation of lines and hybrids of confectionery type 18-20
Bogdanova M.V., Andronik E.L. The identification of genes controlling the fatty acid level in flax oil 21-24
Borovikova T.V. Germplasm collection of sunflower self-pollinated lines: results of study in 2010 25-29
Budilka A.I. Variability of biochemical parameters of winter mustard 30-33
Vershinin A.N. The inheritance of beans number on a plant and seeds number of siybean hybrids F1 34-38
Vishnevsky P.S., Gubenko L.V.,
Vetrova N.A.
The influence of the technology components on the spring rapeseed productivity under the conditions of Northern forest steppe of Ukraine 39-44
Volotovich A.A., Stasevich E.V.,
Lakishik M.A.
The result and prospects of breeding work with blue melilot Trigonella caerulea L. under the conditions of the Belarus Polesye 45-50
Gainullin R.M. The productivity of oil flax depending on some elements of its cultivation technologies in the forest steppe of the Middle Volga region 51-54
Gainullin R.M. The productivity and quality of oil seeds of some oil flax varities in the Forest Steppe of the Middle Volga region 55-57
Ginko Yu.P. The influence of microelements on yield and quality of seeds of oil flax 58-60
Gorkovaya E.G. The influence of autogamy of the parental material on seed set in the first generations of inbred lines 61-65
Goryagina E.B. Pretreatment of immature embryos of hybrids pf spring rapeseed and white mustard during in vitro introduction 66-69
Grakova T.V. The application of bacterial preparations and growth stimulators on soybean 70-72
Dolgikh L.A. The requirements for the composition and quality of rapeseed oil for the food industry 73-77
Drozd I.F. The productivity of different specimens of oil flax depending on the dates of sowing under the conditions of the Western Ukraine 78-81
Dryakhlov А.А. The productivity of winter rapeseed depending on application of fertilizers 82-84
Ermoshkina N.N. The affection of sunflower varieties and hybrids by grey and white rot in the East Kazakhstan region in 2008-2010 85-87
Zhasakpaev Е.S.,
Yusupov A.G.,
Bekbergen E.B.
The presowing treatment of sunflower seeds with TMTD preparation (80%) on the south-east of Kazakhstan 88-89
Zhusupbekov E.K.,
Tynybaev N.K.
The effect of soil treatment under the safflower cultivation according to the resource-saving technology on boharic lands od the South-Eastern Kazakhstan 90-93
Ivanov S.V., Vislobokova L.N. The trial of growth regulators for productivity and resistance to sunflower diseases under the conditions of the Tombov region 94-97
Izmestev V.M.,
Zamyatin S.A.
The results of the spring rapeseed variety trial under the conditions of the Mari El Republic 98-100
Illarionova I.V. Sunflower head’s incline as a breeding trait 101-106
Ishkibaev K.S. Biological efficiency of soil herbicides on sunflower fields 107-109
Kalyuzhina A.N. The impact of microfertilizers on seeds prductivity of soybean variety Vilana on leached chernozem 110-113
Kanafin К.К.,
Kaskarbaev Zh.А.
The influence of sowing dates on the productivity of spring rapeseed 114-118
Kapelyushin D.V.,
Kapelyushina Yu.A.
The yield traits of sunflower hybrid seeds under the combination of different agricultural methods of their growing 119-122
Kleverov S.A. The effect of methods of fertilizers application on yield of female lines of sunflower hybrids 123-125
Kovalenko А.А,
Taran V.G.,
Kovalenko A.M.,
Popov M.K.
The influence of mineral fertilizers and microelements on productivity of winter rapeseed in the South steppe of Ukraine 126-130
Kovalenko S.A. The productivity of mustard and quality of its seeds depending on fertilizers under the conditions of the South steppe of Ukraine 131-135
Kozubova L.A. The ectimation of selection efficiency of frost-resistant soybean genotypes under the artificial plants freezing 136-140
Komar I.A.,
Bushneva N.A.
Aphids (Aphidoidae) on sunflower fields 141-144
Krasyuk L.M. The accumulation of plant residues in soil by soybean cultivation and content of nutritional elements 145-148
Krivoshlykov K.M.,
Chernobrivets K.N.
The innovative aspects of sunflower production in the Krasnodar region 149-152
Kurilova D.A. The creation of artificial background of soil infection in laboratory conditions for the determination of efficiency of promising strain-antagonists of the Fusarium pathogens on soybean 153-157
Lavrinenko Е.V. The influence of soil treatment on the accumulation of mineral nutrition elements in soil under the sunflower hybrid Triumf field 158-161
Lavrinenko Е.V. The yield and accumulation of nutrient elements in sunflower plants under the recommended soil treatment 162-164
Lebedovsky Yu.A. The influence of different biotypes of pollinating varieties on productivity of complex sunflower hybrids 165-169
Litvinov D.V. Sunflower cultivation in short-term crop rotations 170-173
Lychkovskaya I.Yu. On the question of study of potential pests of cruciferous oil crops 174-177
Mamyrko Yu.V. The soil density and structure of the leached chernozem under mustard and oil flax in a crop rotation 178-182
Maslinskaya M.E.,
Andronik E.L.
Parent material with marker morphological traits for oil flax breeding 183-186
Matsola N.A.,
Dudka N.Z.
New soybean varieties of Armavir breeding 187-188
Medvedeva N.V.,
Semerenko S.A.
The influence of avifauna on agrobiocenoses of sunflower 189-194
Medvedeva S.E.,
Volovik V.T.
The main elements of technology of summer turnip rapeseed cultivation in the Central area of the non-chernozem zone 195-198
Mozgova G.V.,
Grushetskaya Z.E.,
Bakanovskaya A.V.
The identification of genes controlling level of fatty acid content in seeds of varieties of Brassica napus L. of the Belarusian breeding 199-202
Nazarko A.N. The productivity of sunflower varieties and hybrids depending on the fertilizer application methods 203-207
Oborskaya Yu.V. The influence of agri-landscape factor of seed plots placement on the sowing qualities of soybean in the Amur region 208-210
Olkhovatov E.A. The effect of biodegradation of integuments of castor kernels on the change of their physical and chemical traits by their biotechnological treatment 211-215
Olkhovatov E.A. The development of technology of non-toxic adhesive composition production from castor seed proteins 216-219
Pampura V.D.,
Volovik V.T.
The determination of optimum time of sowing of winter rapeseed for the conditions of the Central region of the non-chernozem zone 220-223
Polenok A.V. The soybean productivity under the conditions of check irrigating systems in the south of Ukraine 224-228
Pokhorukov Yu.А.

The optimization of system of soil treatment and mineral nutrition under the cultivation of sunflower for oilseeds

Prakhov V.A..,
Prakhova T.Ya.
The characteristic of productivity of oil crops under the conditions of the Penza region 234-237
Prakhova T.Ya.,
Fadeeva Т.М.
Biochemical characteristics of seeds of winter false flax and oil flax 238-242
Priporov I.Е. The modelling of process of sunflower seeds separation in the vertical pneumatic channel 243-246
Ryabukha S.S.,
Chernyshenko P.V.,
Nepochatova N.I.
The topical issues of soybean breeding in the eastern forest-steppe of Ukraine 247-251
Ryabtsev А.А. The formation of productivity and quality of seeds of the cruciferous oil crops under the conditions of Krasnoyarsk forest steppe zone 252-255
Saenko G.M. The peculiarities of formation Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid. microsclerotia 256-260
Samodurova E.V. The efficiency of appication of seed disinfectants on oil poppy 261-265
Satina T.G.,
Aniskina Yu.V.
The certification of rapeseed varieties with use of microsatellite analysis 266-269
Sakharova S.V., Goncharova L.Yu., Simonovich E.I. The agrochemical aspects of fertilizers application on Echinacea purpurea Moench. crop 270-273
Serov S.N.,
Askhadullin D-l.F.,
Askhadullin D-r.F.
The accumulation of heavy metals in the seeds of oil crops 274-276
Sivenko А.А. RAPD-analysis of the operational collection of sunflower inbred lines 277-280
Sinegovsky M.O.,
Naumenko A.V.
The economic efficiency of application of mineral and organic mineral fertilizers fro soybean under the conditions of the Amur region 281-285
Skidan M.S. The productivity and quality of sunflower hybrids depending on nutrition system 286-288
Sklyarov S.V.,
Gorlov S.L.
The economic value of the oil flax sample K-2001 in connection with breeding on the low linolenic acid content 289-293
Snopov А.А. The comparative analysis of promising oil flax varieties of the RUC “Institute of Flax” breeding 294-298
Solovov S.Ya.,
Alyukov А.М.,
Bushnev A.S.
Пути совершенствования технологий возделывания подсолнечника и сои в центральной зоне Краснодарского края 299-302
Tikhobaeva V.E. SSR-analysis of the genomic DNA of the cultivated sunflower 303-306
Tikhonova M.A. Molecular genetic markers in sunflower breeding 307-310
Tkachyova A.A. The comparative analysis of efficiency of the selection criteria for improvement of soybean productivity at different stages of breeding process 311-315
Troyanovskaya A.V.,
Solodenko A.E.
The identification and certification of sunflower hybrids 316-319
Trubina V.S.,
Gorlov S.L.
The potential productivity of the Brassica juncea L. flower set and its realization under free flowering and self-pollination 320-326
Tulkubaeva S.A.,
Sidorik I.V.,
Abuova A.B.
The agricultural technology of spring rapeseed cultivation under the conditions of the Northern Kazakhstan 327-330
Tulkubaeva S.A.,
Slabush V.I.,
Abuova A.B.
The comparative analysis of oil flax varieties in the Kostanay agricultural research institute 331-335
Ustenko A.A. The dependence of quantitative traits of sunflower varieties and hybrids on the hydrothermic coefficient 336-339
Fomichev G.A. The use of the humic fertilizers and growth stimulators on sunflower in steppe of the Volga 340-344
Frolova I.N.,
Ustarkhanova E.G.,
Zaitsev N.I.
The study of varieties and sowing dates influence on the productivity of winter rapeseed under the conditions of unstable moistening in the Krasnodar region 345-347
Khashtyrov I.B.,
Bandyuk S.N.
The productivity of sunflower hybrids of native and foreign breeding depending on the plant density in sowing by their growing in the conditions of different zones of the Krasnodar region and the Republic of Adygea 348-353
Chernyshov A.V. The rates of oil radish sowing by various seed drilling depth 354-356
Chigrin T.V.,
Zadorozhnaya О.А.,
Yushkina L.L.
The androgenesis ability under in vitro culture of anthers of different sunflower species 357-361
Shket V.N. The seed set of winter rapeseed line with CMS-Ogura depending on distance from the pollinating variety 362-365
Shupanov E.E. Rapeseed crop in a crop rotation 366-369
Shchegolkov A.V.,
Makhonin V.L.
The estimation of inoculants by the soybean cultivation in rice crop rotations in the Krasnodar region 370-373
Esedullaev S.T.,
Shmeleva N.V.
The efficiency of different ways of application and dosafe of mineral fertilizers for cruciferous crops on sod-podsolic soils of the upper Volga region 374-377
Zelentsov S.V. Some criteria and rules of writing scientific articles 378-387