Proceedings of the 5th International Conference of the Young Scientists and Experts

"The promising directions of research in plant breeding and cultivation technology of oil crops", Krasnodar, February 3-6, 2009.


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The author(s) The article’s title Стр.
Adamovich P.P. The influence of tillage methods and weeds control on rapeseed productivity and bioenergetic efficiency of technologies of its cultivation 3-7
Asokin O.I. The efficiency of foliage spraying of soybean by molybdenum and boron 8-12
Askhadullin D-l.F.,
Askhadullin D-r.F.
The comparative evaluation of optimum and late dates of sowing of spring rapeseed in the Republic of Tatarstan 13-18
Askhadullin D.F.,
Shayakhmetova L.N., Prishchepenko E.A.
The effect of field germination on seeds productivity of spring rapeseed 19-21
Afanaseva S.L.,
Chimbur N.V.,
Volotovich А.А.
The results and prospects of cultivation of blue melilot Trigonella caeruleaunder the conditions of Belorussian Polesye 22-25
Baranova V.V.,
Borovskaya I.Yu.
The possibilities of differentiation of sunflower breeding material under different levels of infestation of Phomopsis pathogen under the conditions of of the North-Eastern part of the forest steppe of Ukraine 26-30
Bogdan T.M.,
Polonetskaya L.M.,
Bogdan V.Z.
The analysis of variability and stability of the oil flax (Linum usitatissimumL.) genotypes under different cultivation conditions 31-34
Bushnev A.S.,
Mamyrko Yu.V.,
Podlesny S.P.
The productivity of oil flax varieties in specialized crop rotations with oil crops 35-40
Bushnev A.S.,
Podlesny S.P.
The evaluation of sunflower productivity in the links of grain-tilled crop rotations on leached chernozem of the Western Ciscaucasia 41-44
Bushneva N.A.,
Komar I.A.
The species composition of aphids on sunflower 45-47
Vinogradov D.V. The effectt of sowing dates on the productivity of spring turnip rapeseed in the Ryazan region 48-50
Vinogradov D.V.,
Zhulin A.V.
The peculiarities and prospects of oil crops cultivation under the conditions of the South of the non-Chernozem area 51-54
Glukhova N.A.,
Seraya L.M.
The peculiarities of root system formation of winter rapeseed 55-58
Goncharov А.А. The productivity of sunflower varieties and hybrids depending on the methods of tillage and fertilizers application in the arid zone of the Northern Caucasus 59-65
Goryagina E.B. The conditions for cultivation of immature embryos under the distant hybridization of plants Brassicaceae family 66-69
Gutyansky R.A. The structure elements of soybean yield under the crops treatment with postemergence herbicides 70-73
Domantovich A.V.. The effect of short day on the economic characters of oil flax lines with different photosensitivity 74-78
Domakhin V.S. The possibility of growing soybean seeds under the row cropping 79-83
Dryakhlov А.А. The productivity of sunflower varieties and hybrids depending on the methods of fertilizers application 84-86
Ermakova N.V. Pyralid moths as pests of sunflower seeds stocks under the conditions of the Krasnodar region 87-90
Zhitnik N.A.,
Gorbachenko O.F.
The creation of parent material for breeding of sunflower female lines 91-94
Kapelyushin D.V. The productivity of hybridization plots and sowing qualities of sunflower hybrid seeds under the different dates of sowing and plant density 95-99
Kartamysheva А.А. The efficiency of oil crops production in the Rostov region 100-104
Krasovsky D.A. Evaluating the efficiency of investments in production and processing of rapeseed 105-108
Krivoshlykov K.M. The modern tendencies in intra-industry market of oil and fat subcomplex of agro-industrial sector of Russia 109-111
Krivoshlykov K.M., Khatnyansky A.V. On the question of economic efficiency of intencification of sunflowe production in the Krasnodar region 112-115
Loshkomoynikov V.I. The promising varieties samples of sunflower for the conditions of the Western Siberia 116-123
Luchinsky A.S. The correlation of height of soybean plants with the depth of their root systems 124-127
Lychkovskaya I.Yu. On the question of evaluation of damage rate of spring rapeseed by cruciferous flea beetles 128-130
Mamyrko Yu.V. Agronomic and economic evaluation of links with oil crops in specialized four and eight field crop rotations 131-135
Matsola N.A.,
Dudka N.Z.
Early ripening variety Duniza 136-138
Mizenko A.S. The productivity of sunflower and winter wheat on different predecessors 139-141
Nazarko A.N. The effect of methods of fertilizers application on the productivity of sunflower varieties and hybrids on typical chernozem 142-145
Oborskaya Yu.V. The impact of conditions of cultivation areas on yield qualities of seeds of early maturing soybean varieties 146-149
Olkhovatov Е.А. A method of pectin production from the outer peels of tung fruits: the ecologization of production производства 150-153
Perstenyova А.А. The inderdependence of “dose-effect” during sunflower plants treatment with puslar herbicide 154-157
Petrenko Е.S.,
Oborskaya Yu.V.
The influence of techological operations of postharvest treatment on the sowing qualities of wheat and soybean 158-161
Pikalova N.A. Acid value and breeding qualities of seeds of different genotypes of sunflower 162-165
Priporov I.E. The qualitative indicators of air system of grain cleaning machine MVU-1500 166-169
Rafalskaya N.B. The agroecological adaptability and seed productivity of Chinese and Russian soybean varieties under the conditions of the Amur River region 170-172
Rogozin R.S. The methods of tillage, sowing dates and herbicides as determinants of soybean productivity 173-176
Ryabukha S.S.,
Tymchuk S.M.,
Pozdnyakov V.V.
The sources for breeding soybean varieties with improved fatty acid composition of oil 177-179
Saenko G.M. The osmotrophic type of fungi nutrition as a biological basis of interrelation “pathogen — host plant” on example of charcoal rot pathogen Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid 180-185
Samodurova E.V. The herbicides efficiency in weeds control in oil poppy crops 186-191
Satina T.G.,
Muravlyov А.А.
The influence of glycine on anther androgenesis of spring rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) in vitro 192-195
Serdyuk O.A. The species composition of pathogenic microflora of brassica crops under the conditions of the central zone of the Western Ciscaucasia 196-200
Serdyuk O.A. The method of artificial infection of mustard seedlings with Alternaria brassicicola (Schw.) Wilts fungus 201-205
Sitalo G.M. The spreading and virulence of sunflower broomrape (Оrobanche cumana Wallr.) in areas of the Rostov region 206-210
Slukin A.S. The impact of sowing method of binary mixtures of sorghum with spring rapeseed and soybean on their impurity 211-214
Sosnina Yu.M. The breeding method of reducing harmfulness of dry rot on sunflower plants 215-219
Styopin A.D.,
Nikandrova M.L.,
Ryseva T.A.,
Utkina S.V.
The creation of linen flax varieties of two-way usage with high oil content and high fiber yield 220-224
Suvorova Yu.N. The productivity of spring turnip rapeseed under different seeding rate 225-228
Sukharev A.V. The characteristics of anatomical structure of the seeds of spring rapeseed and white mustard 229-232
Trubina V.S.,
Gorlov S.L.
The efficiency of usage of forced self-pollination in breeding of winter mustard (Brassica juncea L.) 233-236
Ustarkhanova E.G. The research on winter rapeseed under the conditions of unstable moistening of the Krasnodar region 237-239
Frolov S.S. The possibilities of prognosing the estimates of oil content of seeds bon the values oil content and huskness of seeds 240-243
Khatnyansky A.V. The role of innovative processes in agricultural production 244-245
Khashtyrov I.B. The seeds productivity of confectionery soybean varieties depending on cultivation conditions 246-250
Khidiyatullina A.Ya., Dmitricheva D.S. The effect of sewage sludge on soil microflora of spring rapeseed 251-254
Cvejic S.,
Bado S.
Radio sensitivity of sunflower restorer lines to different mutagenic treatments 255-259
Tsyganova A.V. The research of seed hardness in breeding of soybean varieties of milk usage under the conditions of the Rostov region 260-264
Chernyshenko P.V. The formation of seed productivity of soybean varieties depending on dates and methods pre-harvest desiccation under the conditions of the Eastern part of the forest-steppe of Ukraine 265-271
Shestov I.N.,
Mizenko A.S.
The effect of single-crop double sowings of sunflower with winter vetch on winter wheat productivity 272-274