The laboratory of sunflower OP varieties breeding

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DETSYNA Alexander Alexandrovich

Head of the laboratory of sunflower OP varieties breeding

PhD in agriculture

Tel.: (861) 254-27-91
Fax: (861) 274-43-10

The history of domestic sunflower breeding is inseparably associated with the name of an outstanding plant breeder, academician Pustovoit V.S. The Federal scientific center of Oil crops now bears his name.

In 1912, V.S. Pustovoit started the scientific breeding of sunflower varieties for the first time. He developed an efficient method of breeding OP varieties, which allowed developing new varieties with high oil content, yield and resistance to the main pathogens.

V.S. Pustovoit developed a method of improving seed growing of varieties, which makes it possible not only to maintain the quality indicators of varieties in the process of reproduction, but also to improve them.

At the institute, for the first time in the world, G.V. Pustovoit managed to develop varieties with complex resistance to pathogens by means of interspecific hybridization of cultivated sunflower with wild species H. tuberosus.

The history of domestic sunflower breeding is inseparably associated with the protection of crop from diseases, pests and broomrape. Today, we own and apply in breeding practice the methods of genetic control over resistance to new races of broomrape and new pathogens.

The development of confectionery sunflower varieties at the institute caused the development of an entire branch in the food industry for the use of seeds for confectionery purposes.

The varieties of special purpose were also developed at the institute; they have high content of oleic acid in oil and are resistant to hydrolytic decomposition of oil.

Over the years of the institute’s work, 199 sunflower varieties have been developed that have a complex of agronomic characters. 39 varieties of VNIIMK breeding are included in the State Register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation for 2018.