The Armavirskaya experimental station – branch of FSBSI FSC VNIIMK


Interim Director

Zaitsev Nikolay Ivanovich

Doctor of agriculture

The postal address: the Central Farm of VNIIMK experimental station, Armavir, the Krasnodar region, Russia 352925

Tel./fax: (86137) 3-13-76
Web site:

The full name of institution: Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "The Armavirskaya Experimental Station of All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Crops by V.S. Pustovoit".

Short title: FSBSI AOS VNIIMK.

The scientific and research work at the Armavirskay experimental station of VNIIMK had begun in spring of 1929 at the initiative of V.S. Pustovoit.

The history of organizing and carrying out the scientific and research works on sunflower breeding at the Armavirskaya experimental station is inseparably associated with the name of a talented plant breeder Vasily Ivanovich Shcherbina.

The first sunflower varieties resistant to broomrape had already been introduced into production in 1933.

The variety Armavirsky-1646 was put to the State variety trial in 1937 and had been cultivated till the early 1980s. The variety Armavirsky-3497, developed in 1953 from the variety Armavirsky-1646, had been in production until 1995. This variety has been occupying the maximum crop acres in our country, exceeding 1 million hectares per year.

Currently, the experimental station is successfully breeding sunflower hybrids. The State Register of selection achievements approved for cultivation includes hybrids Temp, Kvant, Arol, Bars.

The station is also successfully breeding soybean varieties, 5 varieties of which are included in the State Register.

The station develops the soybean cultivation technologies for arid districts of the Krasnodar region, as well as the elements of cultivation technologies of winter rapeseed.